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Where Crime Prevention is Everyone's Business ...

Everyone knows that crime is increasing at an alarming rate in every corner of the country. Crime is like a stalker who suddenly appears and turns the life of an unsuspecting victim upside down. Crime shows no mercy; it can scar anyone's life at any time.

Although Law Enforcement is working diligently around the clock to protect and serve the people of this great state, no one can be guaranteed a safe existence. No longer can we feel confident that we are automatically safe from personal injury or harm to our property. No longer can we expect that Law Enforcement Officers alone are equipped to handle the huge volume of criminal deeds and violations of the law.

In South Carolina, we are aggressively pursuing solutions to violence and crime. The State Association of Crime Prevention Officers plays a major role in this task, however, our membership has expanded far beyond officers.

PREVENTING CRIME IS EVERYONE'S BUSINESS ... that is the only way we will succeed in decreasing crime and enhancing our quality of life.

Each one of us is responsible for preventing crimes and assisting the Law Enforcement Officers in our local neighborhoods and communities.

United we stand, divided we place ourselves in danger.

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